Camp Outing Activities

Two ziplines: 80-metre line for first timers and a 300-metre line for veteran fliers—let passengers glide above the treetops without having to hitch a ride on a passing pterodactyl.

The Eurobungy trampoline the gift of flight, reaching heights of 25 feet into the air, and other maneuvers that would be impossible on a regular trampoline.  You must meet the height, weight and age requirement of 42 inches tall, min 50lbs – max 175 lbs and 4 years of age.

Spiderweb: Climbing tower offers stationary bird’s-eye views once climbers have hoisted themselves to its pinnacle.

Horizontal Rope: For low-to-the-ground fun, harnessed participants at the horizontal ropes can balance six feet off the ground, getting a taste of tightrope walking without that chalky, acrophobic aftertaste.

Summer Tubing: Even though the winter is over and all the snow has melted, that doesn’t mean that tubing is gone! You can continue to zoom down our chutes on Italian mats, designed exactly for waterless tubing.

Who can access the activities?

All participants must be 4 years of age, 42 inches tall and 50lbs min to participate in all the great activities Chicopee Tube Park offers.

Tubing rates
½ Day (Up to 3hrs)
· Must be minimum 4 years of age
· Must be 42 inches (3.5ft) tall
· Closed toe shoes are required
· Flip Flops are not permitted
· Children 12 years of age and under are required to wear a CSA approved helmet such as a bike helmet. We do have helmets onsite as well

Zip Line – Ideal for groups of 100 or more
2 Rides $14.00
· Zip Lining must be booked in advance.
· Closed toe shoes are required
· Must be minimum 50lbs. Maximum 275lbs
· Must be minimum 4 years of age.
· Minimum 42 inches (3.5 ft). Maximum 78 inches (6.5 ft)
· Full harness gear and helmets provided.

All Access - Zip Line Excluded
½ Day (up to 3hrs)
Full Day (3-5hrs)
Combo Packages
½ Day (up to 3hrs) All Access & 2 Zip Line Rides
Full Day (3-5hrs) All Access & 2 Zip Lines Rides
Full Day (3-5 hours) 1 Zip Line Ride + 2 hours All Access 100+ participants

· Supervisor (Complimentary 1:10) ratio
All prices are tax included
· Please review our rules and safety tips pertaining to the various activities prior · · to visiting.
· Please review our operating hours prior to visiting.

Contact us for additional information.

How To Book Your Day Camp Outing

Needs to be changed to “All bookings must be made at least one week in advance. Please fill out the reservation form below and send it to us via fax or email.  Once we have received your reservation form we will send you back a confirmation form for your review.  We can open earlier than our scheduled hours for large groups of 100 or more looking for a full day outing at our Park.

Preparing For Arrival

Children MUST be in groups of 10 with assigned counselors/leaders based on the required ratio prior to arrival. Each of these groups MUST be assigned group numbers 1,2,3, etc. Example, Sarah has group number 1 with 10 children ages 7-9 with one additional counselor required. Some other points:

· Counselors MUST know how many and what children are in their group prior to arrival. Time is invaluable upon arrival and need not be wasted with counselors trying to confirm what group they have. For the safety of the children arriving this is something that should be confirmed prior to boarding the bus and departing from your day camp site.

· We understand that in some cases Day Camps provide their own lunch or require children to bring their own.  If your Day Camp opts to use the Park’s food services, please advise the Park in advance so that the staff can prepare.

· The ratio of counselors/leaders to children is 1:4 (ages 4-5), 1:6 (ages 7-9) and 1:10 (age 10+). One complimentary activity ticket issued per counselor/leader based on stated ratios.

What Do I Need To Bring On The Field-Trip?

In the event there is more than one Camp booked on the same day, the Park suggests using coloured shirts or wristbands to readily identify your Campers. Some other items to think about:
• Wear comfy closed toe shoes
• A water bottle.
• Sun screen

Payment in the form of debit, credit card or cheque is required on the day of visit.

How to Book:
To ensure the time/date you would like is available, please schedule your schools outdoor adventure with us at least one week in advance.

Call: 519 895 2322
Email: info@chicopeetubepark.com
Fax a reservation form to 519-895-0074

Please note: Group bookings are not confirmed without a reservation/confirmation form. FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT and confirmation received from a Chicopee representative to ensure your booking is vaild.

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