We try to keep things as simple as possible, but we know you’re bound to have a few questions which we tried to answer on this page! Don’t see the answer to your question? Please E-mail us at info@chicopeetubepark.com

How does summer tubing work?
The idea of summer tubing was born from the idea of winter tubing. Summer Tubing is a dry WATERLESS tube slide which uses a Neveplast product known as Tubby. One straight chute and one curved chute have been installed. This plastic material with the same slippery properties as snow allows us to use the winter tubes and enjoy the activity of tubing all year round.

Can my child ride on my lap?
For the safety of all our guests while tubing and staff Chicopee Tube Park does not permit riders to carry other persons on their laps.

Can I reserve my tubing session in advance?
Yes! The best way to guarantee your tubing spot is to book in advance! Group Tubing and birthday sessions should be booked one week in advance.

When are you tubing open?
We have different spring, summer and fall hours. Visit our operating hours page for details.

How should I dress for summer tubing?
Dress for summer weather!   Don’t forget the sunscreen! Remember the slide is waterless so there is no need to wear swim wear. You are required however to wear secure footwear. No flip flops!

Do I need to be a certain age or height?
Yes. In order to participate in tubing, you must be at least 42 inches tall AND at least 4 years old. CSA approved helmets are a requirement for those under the age of 8. We encourage you to bring along your own personal bicycle or hockey helmets as only a limited number are available to rent

How does the zip line work?
The specially designed trolley moves the guest down the Zip Line at a speed of approximately 30km to 45km per hour on a ride which will take approximately twenty two seconds depending on ones weight. The Zip Line is designed with a series of springs to absorb and gradually stop the guest at the end of the Zip Line. At this point one of the Zip Line guides will assist the rider to a location where the disconnection of harness will occur.

How safe is the zip line cable ride?
Every component of the ride is thoroughly reviewed and stamped by a professional engineering firm as well as inspected by TSSA annually.

How long is the zip line?

Mini Me is a shorter track is for younger and/or first time Zip Line travelers and is a short 80 meters in length. Pine Ridge starts from one of the highest and most scenic elevations of Chicopee Hills and is over an astounding 300 meters in length.

When is the Zip line operational?
The zip lines are operational from the beginning of spring and into the fall. The zip lines are not operational during the winter months due the winter snow tubing season. Operating hours vary throughout the seasons.  

Do you have a facility and viewing area?
Yes. We have a fabulous 9200sq foot log chalet which has a capacity of over 200 people. In addition to the facility we have a 2500 sq viewing deck.

What food services are provided?
Our kitchen is open during special operating hours. We offer a variety of fast food items and a full service bar. Snacks are always available and a beverage vending machine. If you are booking a group function we can cater to your specific needs. Contact us if you are interested in booking food options for a large group.

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